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Historical Background  

Since its founding in 1963, Development Bank of Kenya Ltd (DBK) and its people have helped redefine the meaning of financial services in Kenya. The bank started off as a non-banking financial institution whose principal activity was to promote and develop commercially viable projects.

The bank commenced financing operations in 1964 and for a period of 3 decades as a Development Financial Institution (DFI), it concentrated its investment in a wide range of sectors spanning from the agriculture, manufacturing  to construction, communication and tourism encompassing all major investment sectors in Kenya.
In the evaluation of projects for investment, the broad criteria of commercial viability and developmental value were given particular attention, with emphasis on such aspects as promotion of local entrepreneurship, stimulus to economic and social environment, generation and conservation of foreign exchange, use of local raw materials, job creation and efficient use of foreign and local know-how.

DBK has continually broken new ground in advising our clients on strategic projects, in pioneering the expansion of the local economy, and in providing new opportunities for individual and institutional investors.

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