Short-term Loans & Overdrafts

It is a temporary facility that may be utilised by a customer and is normally regarded as being short term borrowing. Requests are usually associated with an unexpected expense that has been incurred. The customer having made no provision seeks bank assistance.

Standby Overdraft

This is an on-going facility (recovery) to provide additional comfort to the customer so that if a sudden expense is incurred, a cheque can be drawn on the account without worrying that the bank will return the cheque due to lack of funds.

Revolving Overdraft

These are utilised for working capital requirement of a business. No fixed repayment programme will be arranged except the customer undertaking to facilitate account position from cash flows from business. Overdrafts are sanctioned on the basis that they are repayable on demand and are reviewed annually.

Project Loans

These are normally medium to long term loans structured and tailored to suit unique circumstances of business enterprises and may be in form of Kenya shillings or foreign currency. Interest rates depend on the source and cost of funds.