We are the best in business banking

We deliver innovative and premium banking products to our customers making us the preffered corporate bank for top-tier corporates and institutions by always meeting their strategic, financial and capital-raising needs.

Our Vision

To be a preferred provider of financial services.

Our Mission

To offer sustainable integrated financial services that respond to the needs of consumers, businesses, enterprises and communities.

Our Services


Personal Banking

Personal Banking

Savings Account

This account is ideal as a day-to-day savings account that pays competitive interest on money saved. It is geared to anyone who wants an account that offers competitive interest rates and want's full and easy access to their money at any given time.

Current Account

This account is ideal for your day-to-day banking needs. Plus it offers you the benefit of a free monthly statement, affordable mimimum balance and absolutely no hidden charges.

Business Banking

Business Banking

Development Bank is a preferred corporate bank for top-tier corporates and institutions, meeting their strategic, financial and capital-raising needs. With over fifty years experience, DBK is recognised for its wide reach and extensive local knowledge.

Institutional Banking

Institutional Banking

We target commercial clients in our local markets, and work earnestly to give them the best partnerships to help their businesses excel.

We offer service at the highest level. Our focus is not on short-term profit, but on building long-term relationships and standing by our clients whenever they need us.



Short-term Loans & Overdrafts

It is a temporary facility that may be utilised by a customer and is normally regarded as being short term borrowing. Requests are usually associated with an unexpected expense that has been incurred. The customer having made no provision seeks bank assistance.

Standby Overdraft

This is an on-going facility (recovery) to provide additional comfort to the customer so that if a sudden expense is incurred, a cheque can be drawn on the account without worrying that the bank will return the cheque due to lack of funds

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Letters of Credit.

When traveling, it’s important that you have some foreign cash and travelers cheques handy to make your transactions easier. Our traveler’s cheques attract the following charges;

Your solid financial partner.

We strive to provide innovative products to meet our customers’ needs so that they can succeed in their ventures.